Choosing The Right Dancewear For Your Partner

dancewear is, admittedly, a very personal choice, reflecting personal tastes. When you buy dancewear for someone else, you are not only guessing at their taste, but often reflecting your own. Here are some pointers for choosing the right dancewear for your partner.

Wish List


One solution to making the right choice is through the use of a wish list. Get your girlfriend to go shopping on her own, at her favorite shop. Most of them have wish lists available, and it certainly makes your shopping more successful.

What Does She Wear?

Check to see what she already has in her wardrobe. dancewear  and dance shoes can be everything from streetgear to leotards, and can be functional or traditional. If you don’t know what size to buy, check the sizes of the dancewear she wears. This way, you can shop much more confidently. You can also get a good idea of what she will actually wear.

Buy Nice Stuff

Some of the “traditional” dancewear on the market is quite uncomfortable. There is often synthetic material that is scratchy, so beware of lace and trim – quality material will be softer and more comfortable. In addition, you have to know her well enough to know what makes her feel traditional. Guys usually know what they think is traditional, but dancewear in those categories may make your girlfriend feel “trashy”. We’re not talking about role-playing, here. We’re talking about buying items that will make her feel pretty, traditional, and comfortable.

That being said, be prepared to spend some money. Cheap material makes the woman feel cheap and uncomfortable. Not only that, it won’t fit right, and will make her hate her body. That’s the last thing you want. To make her happy with herself and with you, buy nice dancewear. The higher quality materials will feel better, fit better, and look better, and you both will like the results.

Buy Multiples


If you’re buying a tutu – leotard set, buy at least 3 tutus to go with the leotard. This is more the ratio to follow, considering that a woman will usually wear her dancewear two or three times before laundering it. This is where being a snoop before you go shopping really pays off.

What’s Her Style?

If your woman is super feminine, then bows and polka-dots will probably be just fine. Once again, your snooping session will pay off, here. Some may not care for such traditional types of expressions, and may go more for more of a corset look. Once again, though, buy quality. One really major rule of thumb, regardless of her style, is – don’t buy a tiny item for a large woman.

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