Garden Pots Can Look Great Indoors

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun. Choosing just the right shade of paint or fabric weight or your curtains, deciding between area rugs, all can give the inner designer in you a chance to find expression. As you plan the accessories for any particular room, keep in mind that garden pots can look great indoors. They come in such a wide array of materials, these days, that you can find just about any kind of planter, and use it for just about anything, in your house Here are some ideas for using garden pots indoors.




First of all, keep in mind that Large garden pots are available in just about every style you can imagine Do you like sleek classic lines? Then you can find planters with understated design that will blend right in with your décor. Do you have more Victorian taste? There are plenty of opportunities to reinforce that style with some of the beautiful planters on the market today. The cottage look, ultra-modern styling, Mediterranean, and other styles can be expressed and reinforced with garden pots.


Garden pots are made of many different materials. Of course, there is always the classic terra cotta pot. The iconic “collar” circling the tapered, straight sides is a great look for many different decorating styles. Ceramic pots, including terra cotta, are available in both glazed and unglazed styles. Usually, the unglazed pots are less expensive, but not always.

In general, a more casual look is achieved with unglazed pots. Even heavily ornamented pots look less formal when they are unglazed. Unglazed ceramics are usually more fragile, so if you have small children or large dogs, you might want to consider glazed pots or some other material.

The shinier pots that have glaze on them have had a paint applied and have been fired again to melt the paint so that it cools into a hard, glass finish. These are very pretty, and can dress up your areas. They are also more durable.

Some planters and pots are made of concrete. These make a very distinctive decorating statement and can e found in every style. They can often be painted or stained for color choices. Since they are quite heavy, it is recommended that you make sure to place it where you want it to stay, especially if you plant to keep plants in it which will add weight.

Plastic pots are a popular choice, especially for houseplants that will be moved outdoors for changes of seasons. They are durable and lightweight, and usually less expensive than other types of planters.

Use of Planters


Part of your decision on material choices will be based on whether or not you will have a live plant in the planter. Some pots have built in receptacles to receive water overflow, while others need a tray or basin to catch water.

However, don’t underestimate the use of pots for non-plant purposes. You can use a pretty pot for display of sea shells, buttons, or other collectibles, to spruce up the indoors.



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