Making A Big Statement In Your Office

If you own your own business, appearances are important. Previous generations called it “dressed for success”, but it goes even further than your wardrobe. While you don’t necessarily need an expensive haircut and Armani suits to look successful, there are some things you can do to put forth the statement that you are a successful business person who can take care of your clients. You’ll want to impress potential clients, and you can do that with quality and design. Here are some ways of making a big statement in your office.

Create an Invitation


As people approach your office, what do they see? Do they see dim, yellowed lighting, peeling paint, and worn door hardware? When they enter your reception area, do they have a clean place to sit?

You have to create an invitation to customers and potential customers to draw them into the office. For example, even if you have a small reception area, and only expect one or two people at a time, a comfy wing chair with a schefflera plant beside it will point out to the guest that this is where they are welcome. A side table with a Keureg-style coffee maker will be inviting even if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

On a bigger scale, you can have a larger area done by a professional landscaper. That’s right, you can actually landscape the inside of your office building. Wall-mounted water features are popular, as are small splash ponds with a few koi. You can go as big as space allows.

Bringing plantlife and interior landscaping makes a big impression. People like surroundings like that, and are more relaxed in tense situations when they are surrounded by natural elements.

By the way, one of the benefits of live plants in your office is that they actually cleanse and humidify the air, making it healthier.


Lighting is a useful tool in the office. Not only will your office space have overhead light, there will be actual light and perceived light. Actual light is the number of foot-candles put out by fixtures. It can be glaring and overwhelming, if you’re not careful. This will tire the eyes of your employees, and create a stark appearance for guests.

Perceived light is what the people in the office think they see. They may think it is rather dim, but realize that they can still read by the light.

Try to get all light in the same tones for a more sophisticated look. Bright white, soft white, warm off-white, and blue-tint LED lights are all possibilities. Depending on the floor plan of your office, you can mix these with good effect. For example, soft white lighting in the hallways and warm off-white in the office will continue the invitation you established in the reception area. For smaller areas, all warm off-white lighting will create a sophisticated look and welcoming feel.

You can make a big statement in your office just by making sure everything is clean and comfortable. Add some plants and light, and you’re in business.

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