What Console Tables Work In Your Hall?

When you walk into your home, where do you drop your keys? Maybe you are one of those super organized people who has a key rack near the door, where you always hang your keys. Ok, then, how about the mail? Chances are, you drop it on the counter at some point before each piece reaches its final destination. Really, though, isn’t that what a console table for – to catch keys and mail? Of course, you may be one of those really talented people who can keep junk off of the console table. Whether you select a console table to use as a statement piece or a depository for junk, finding one that works with your flooring and your hallway will make your life easier.

Purposing Your Console Tables


As you shop for a table for your hall, think about what it will be used for. If you will be dropping your keys, phone, and other small items on it, you’ll want some kind of container to receive the item. If not, the surface can be damaged. Wood finishes, especially, can be dented or chipped, worn through constant use. Marble and granite, however, can be polished out if they get scratched, and they are less likely to dent. If your console is strictly an accent piece, you have less to worry about.

Fitting Your Hallway


Even the most narrow hallways can be fitted with a console. One very effective technique is to actually cut a table in half, and mount the cut edge to the wall. The table will have only two legs, but will be secure against the wall without crowding the spaces. You also need to check to make sure no door will open onto the edge or corner of the table. It’s easy to overlook the door from the coat closet, which can damage your table or the door itself.

Consider Your Flooring


The type of table you place in your hallway can damage your flooring, if you are not careful. A popular look is wrought iron on wood flooring. Keep in mind that your flooring can be seriously damaged by the furniture you place on it. Take precautions with your hall console tables that you would with any other piece of furniture. There are different types of pads you can place under the feet of your table that will protect your floor without being obvious.


Console tables can fit any style. Even if you have modern furnishings, an antique style table will look good in your hallway. The juxtaposition of new and old creates a striking accent piece. The older piece can also make your home feel more “established”, as if you have put down roots.

Where to Find Console Tables

Most fine furniture stores  sell great looking tables in every style you could want. Check with local craftsmen, too. You can find unique pieces at boutique, in workshops, and at yard sales.

A great console table in your hall can be useful as well as beautiful. You don’t have to spend a lot, and you’ll enjoy the addition.

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