Wood, Concrete, Resin, and Ceramic Garden Planters

Garden planters if used in the right way have the ability to turn a drab, simple looking lawn into a wonderland of character and colour. Garden planters come in a variety of layouts whether they’re meant to hang on a wall or sit in the lawn. They come in a variety of substances, each offering exceptional features.

Wood garden planters can add a cozy, warm feeling to any lawn and they come in a variety of styles and shapes. Rectangle or square shaped wood garden planters can hold the heaviest of plants and are quite durable. They are the most suitable choice because there are several choices available to begin a topic for lawns which don’t have an existing topic.

Wood garden planters formed like barrels may also be bought, giving your garden a classic, old fashioned appearance. They’re also excellent for hanging plants since they’re not short and give them enough room.


Wood garden planters have other edges because of the nature of wood. Cedar is a robust, dependable wood for a garden planter. Wood must be cared for with varnish or sealant, particularly because you’ll be getting wetness on it with continuous watering. Sun will do damage to the colour of the wood, so if you favor your wood not to weather to a grayish colour, varnish should be applied. Make sure you buy varnish that WOn’t be dangerous and toxic to the plants.

Real garden planters are not just exquisite, but they’ll be a long lasting version to any garden. The concrete surface gives an unrefined and weathered look to any garden and can be wonderfully fit to other accessories and rocks. They can be generally made fairly big, therefore it is also an excellent location for heavy or large plants. They won’t be prone to damage on account of weather like wood tall garden planters and are also simple to take care of.

Real has some disadvantages as well on account of its size. They are going to not be simple to transfer so a perfect place must be selected for the garden planter because concrete is well heavy. Concrete also has lots of holes, so the water will rapidly leak out and watering will be needed more frequently. Sealing a concrete planter isn’t guided however, as filthy water will not be a great deal more easy to empty. Mowing the grass around a concrete garden planter can not be light.

Resin garden planters may also create an excellent vibe in your lawn or garden. They’re able to come in more or less any layout you want and locating an ideal resin garden planter may be the fastest locate. Resin is, in addition, the most lightweight and most easy to carry out of all the stuff. They’re also the most simple to clean and keep.

Resin garden planters are weather resistant but they should be handled with caution to prevent cracking. The shades may also disappear fast.

Ceramic garden planters are the most suitable choice for gardens with a natural, earthy feel. Ceramic can frequently be crafted wonderfully and in addition they come in most exceptional colours and the most brilliant. Ceramic planters come in contours that are non-traditional and unusual because many are hand crafted.

Ceramic planters are the most delicate of all planters unless they may be quite big. There’s a superb chance that it’ll break if you happen to hit a ceramic planter with a yard vehicle like a lawn mower. Due to their unique designs, they’re generally the priciest of all planters too.

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